Picturing Wanteete is a creative project rooted in grassroots social action. Driving the core of this project is the belief that valuable opportunities for self-expression, empowerment and positive social change can be created through the use of the camera as an advocacy tool.

This vision is achieved through a Participatory Action Research (PAR) method called Photovoice. To learn more, click on the buttons below, or visit the galleries below to view the documentary series created by the WPC, learn more about the participant's backgrounds through member spotlight stories crafted by Louise Rita Contino, and explore a visual tour of the making of Picturing Wanteete

All proceeds from the sales of the photographic prints available to purchase in the Print Shop go directly to the benefit of the Wanteete Photo Collective members and their respective families. It is an opportunity to allow the local community members to speak up and be heard, rather than to be spoken for, and your support sends a clear message back to the participants that their voice truly does matter.